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Join us on our annual trip to the BMW Performance Center. Drive fast cars (theirs), display pretty cars (yours), relax at a 4-star hotel with special pricing, mingle with the National Board of Directors and Executive Officers, enjoy the restaurants in the Coachella Valley, visit unique sites and desert oddities, and reconnect with your BMW friends.

Pazifik Eskapades is a trip to the BMW Performance Center with a little bit more.  The location provides plenty of things to do besides driving BMWs for you, your family, and your friends.  We have a discounted rate at a four-star hotel so a family mini-vacation won’t break the bank.

The Performance Center Experience will provide you with several different models of BMWs cars, and a variety of exercises and track driving to appreciate those cars.  They pay for gas, tires, brakes, etc.; all the things that make tracking your own car expensive.  You’ll get to test drive brand new BMWs in situations you’ll never get if you just go to the dealer for a test drive.  You’ll also get a gourmet lunch after you are done driving, and a small memento of your day.  

This is a perfect way to introduce your significant other and/or your friends, to the incredible world of BMWs and performance driving.  It’s all on closed circuits, there are lots of first-timers, and it’s certainly safer than speeding on the freeway or drifting on the cul-de-sac.

If your companions aren’t into driving, the Coachella Valley has an astonishing variety of things to do.  Let them drive you to the Performance Center (you can hitch a ride back) then take the car and go explore.  See the list at Eskapade.bmwcca.org for activity suggestions and links.  Most of these options are available on Friday and/or Sunday also.

Saturday evening, after the sun goes down, there will be a Car Show at Old Town La Quinta.  We’ll have live music, BMW only parking (other parking is available), and a plethora of restaurants in which to have dinner.  Plus you’ll have a chance to see all your BMW friends who you missed during the pandemic*.

* Because of the fluid conditions caused by COVID-19 and its variants, please bring a mask.  You may not need it, but bring it anyway.